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 2013 Special Guests and Entertainment


Great Lake River Pirates - Invading Fort Wayne and 3CON for the first time. GLRP will be our experts on pirate life. And they are bringing along a boat or two!


Dan the Bard - He was with us our inaugural year (3CON 2011) and he's back for 3CON3! 

Daniel Marcotte received a B.M. in Voice Performance from Illinois Wesleyan  University in 1996, and an M.M. in Musicology and a Certificate in Early Music from Florida State University in 1998. His master's thesis, The Ap Huw Manuscript and the Welsh Bardic Tradition, is the primary inspiration behind BardSong. In addition to these degrees, Daniel has been performing Celtic and Renaissance music throughout the country for the past several years. He has performed as a minstrel at the Bristol and Virginia Renaissance Faires, as well as directing the Minstrel's Guild in Virginia. Daniel has studied with many early music artists, including Frank Wallace and Nancy Knowles (Live Oak), Ron McFarlane, Ellen Hargis and Lyle Nordstrum. Presently, Daniel performs and teaches voice in the Chicago area.


Penny Williams - Penny Williams became a gamer with the brown box and has run D&D campaigns continuously ever since. She joined TSR in the 80s as Game Questions Expert to answer mail, then became head of the RPGA Network. Later, Penny and her husband Skip moved to the Seattle area, where both worked for Wizards of the Coast. Penny was line editor for the Star Wars and Marvel RPGs, a senior editor for the D&D line, and a managing editor.

Penny has degrees in chemistry and Russian, which might have put her in pretty good shape for the Cold War had it not ended.


These days, Penny lives in Wisconsin again and spends most of her time teaching science classes (including Physical Science, Biology, Astronomy, and Physics) at a small high school in Southwestern Wisconsin, where she also occasionally lends her talents as a makeup artist to the musical.


When not making her students think of the stars (or look like stars), Penny writes and edits fiction and game material, preserves some of the harvest from the small farm she shares with her husband, and helps tend the farm’s ever-changing pride of housecats.



Steph from The Gentleman Ghost and Official Costumer of 3CON!The Gentleman Ghost is an up and coming small business focused on Costume and Cosplay outfits and accessories. Started just last year by husband and wife team, Keith and Stephanie Stidham, they have been fighting hard to keep steam rolling forward in working towards getting their name out into the Con community. The Gentleman Ghost takes pride in making everything they sell by hand, and making sure that the costumes are as accurate as possible. Located in Dayton, OH; this fast growing small business is looking to make a big dent over the next few years.





Here are the Special Guests that we were fortunate to have in past years


Jeff Siadek

Jeff Siadek is the designer of "Battlestations", "Lifeboat" and "Who Would Win?" for Gorilla Games.

Andy Hopp

Since 2001, Andy has worked as a freelance illustrator, writer, web designer, graphic artist, art director, convention organizer, and game designer.

Dan the Bard

Dan the Bard writes, performs and records songs about Dungeons and Dragons! Dan is an accomplished musician and storyteller. He plays Renaissance Lute, Egyptian Oud, Elizabethan Cittern, Medieval Gittern, Puerto Rican Cuatro, Turkish Laouta, and Gnomish Banjo. He also plays recorder, tin whistle, bodhran and the Elvish Ocarina.

Jason Siadek

Jason Siadek has worked in the game industry for over twenty years, helping to create such titles as "Monster Derby," "Throwing Stones," "Pantheon I & II," "Caesar," "Total War," "Robotanks," and "Battlestations." Jason is currently working with his brother on the fourth expansion for Battlestations, "How Much For Your Planet?", slated to debut at Origins, 2011.

Wil Upchurch

Wil has worked at both Fantasy Flight Games and Steve Jackson Games on product lines including Munchkin, GURPS, Legends & Lairs d20, Dragonstar, Blue Planet, and Dawnforge. He co-wrote the award-winning Midnight roleplaying game, which was turned into the feature-length film "Midnight Chronicles" in 2008. As a freelancer, he worked on Dungeons & Dragons, the Star Wars RPG, and the Dreamblade collectible miniatures game among many others over the course of his career.

Evan Davis

Evan is a librarian and former journalist who is best known in the game industry as the designer of Air Barons (Avalon Hill). He is an avid boardgamer and continues to design games. He will be debuting his latest design, Air Lords, at 3CON!

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